The Perfect Lumbar Accessory Pack

The Perfect Lumbar Accessory Pack

Lumbar Packs are a great way to carry gear that is readily available for any situation while saddle hunting.


What is a lumbar pack?

A lumbar pack is exactly what it sounds like. A pack that connects to your lower back. The way a lumbar pack is set up is by simply attaching the pack to your hunting saddle in the middle of the molle webbing. 

Usually, you'll run 2 rope pouches on the sides of your saddle and majority of mobile hunters leave the entire middle of the molle webbing untouched. This where a lumbar pack shines.

Is a lumbar pack necessary?

It isn't necessary but it can be a very helpful piece of gear that you'll find yourself using a lot. Have you ever caught yourself up in a tree setting up and you get pissed when trying to dig out a piece of gear out of your hunting pack? 

I've been there more often than not. A product like this can simply eliminate future hiccups like the one I just discussed. Simply throw in a vital piece of gear in your BullPak and utilize it while you are up in a tree, you'll see how helpful it can be.

What lumbar pack do we recommend?

Obviously, it would have to be the BullPak . Not only is it affordable, but it will grant you the ease of access of gear and the feeling of being a patriot. 

The BullPak is 100% American sourced material and sewn. We utilize top of the line materials that are famous worldwide such as 500D certified brand Cordura.

If I had to leave you with one piece of advice? It never hurts to be able to carry important gear, snacks, or little accessories right at your fingertips on your saddle.