How does saddle hunting work ?

How does saddle hunting work ?


When it comes to hunting, there are various methods and techniques to choose from, each offering its own unique advantages. Saddle hunting is gaining popularity among hunters as an efficient and versatile approach that allows you to get closer to your quarry while remaining comfortable and secure in the treetops. In this blog post, we'll dive into the world of saddle hunting and explore how this innovative method works, step by step.

  1. Gather Your Gear

Saddle hunting requires specific equipment to ensure your safety and comfort in the tree. Here are some key items you'll need:

a. Lineman's Rope: A lineman's rope is a crucial piece of equipment for saddle hunting. It serves as your lifeline while climbing and descending trees. It allows you to maintain three points of contact at all times, ensuring safety.

b. Tree Tether: The tree tether, connects you to the tree and provides stability when you're in your saddle. It's an essential component for both safety and convenience.

c. Tree Stand Platform: This platform is where you'll spend your time while hunting. It's attached to the tree and provides a stable surface for you to sit or stand on while waiting for your target.

d. Saddle: A saddle designed for hunting, such as the BullThreat v.1 saddle, is specially crafted to offer comfort and security. The saddle replaces the traditional tree stand, making it a lightweight and portable option for hunters.

e. Climbing Sticks: Climbing sticks are used to ascend and descend the tree. They are typically lightweight and easy to attach, providing a safe and efficient way to reach your hunting height.

  1. Preparing for the Hunt

Before heading into the woods, it's essential to be well-prepared. This means wearing your saddle and having all your gear ready to go. The saddle can be worn comfortably as you hike to your designated hunting spot, allowing you to move quietly and efficiently through the woods.

  1. Ascending the Tree

Once you've reached your chosen tree, it's time to get attached. Start by securing your lineman's rope around the tree trunk and attach it to your saddle. This rope will be your support as you climb. As you ascend, use your climbing sticks to create a stable path upward. Remember to always maintain three points of contact, alternating your feet and climbing sticks.

  1. Attaching the Tree Stand Platform

Upon reaching your desired hunting height, it's time to attach your tree stand platform. This platform provides a comfortable and secure space to rest while waiting for game to pass by. Ensure its securely fastened to the tree before placing any weight on it.

  1. Getting Comfortable

With your platform in place, it's time to settle into your saddle. Hook into your tree tether with your bridge, which will keep you connected to the tree and provide stability. Adjust your Amsteel bridge to your desired height and position for maximum comfort. This tether bridge is your lifeline, so make sure it's securely fastened and properly adjusted.


Saddle hunting offers a unique and exciting way to experience the thrill of the hunt while perched high in the trees. By following these steps and using the right equipment, you can enjoy a safe and comfortable hunting experience. As you settle into your saddle high above the forest floor, you'll be ready to observe wildlife and make your shot with a newfound perspective, making saddle hunting a rewarding choice for hunters of all skill levels. So, next time you head into the woods, consider giving saddle hunting a try and take your hunting experience to new heights.