We Uphold our Principle when it comes to our own gear. We stand behind everything we do. Every piece of gear we sell has a warranty. Down below will show you exactly what every gear entails for warranty.

First, what is covered?

Manufacturing Defects: If there are any issues with materials, faulty seams, buckles, zippers, webbing issues, stitching, or peeling, we’ve got you covered.

Normal Wear and Tear: The outdoors can put your gear through the wringer. If you encounter rips, punctures, burns, broken attachments and straps, or notice any problems with stitching or zippers due to regular use, we’ll take care of it.

What is not covered?

Misuse and gross negligence in order to get new gear is frowned upon. If you have a crazy story on how something happened and its believable, we will fix it. If its not beliveable, we will not fix it or replace it.

Cosmetic damages like scratches, scuffs, or minor dings that don’t impact the performance of the gear won’t be covered. If you encounter any issues covered by our warranty or even something unique that’s not listed here, don’t hesitate to reach out.


5-year warranty for original owner. Load bearing gear needs replaced eventually and should not be used after its expiration date (Probably because it's your life up in a tree).

Ropes and Carabiners: 

5-year warranty for original owner. Same rules apply as saddle warranty.

All Other Gear: 

Lifetime Warranty for original owner. You break it or gets used so much, send it in and we will fix it back up. 

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