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Common Questions everyone asks


Is Everything Made In The USA?

The simple answer is, YES! Not only is it made in America, but we also utilize 99% American sourced materials for our products. There is the 1% we use overseas materials as we are working on to find the correct material from America. Government puts a hold on certain items we use in our gear as it gets contracted out to other countries for war times like USA made YKK Zippers. We will let you know when we are using all American material for a certain product.

What Is The Warranty?

We stand by our gear, everything that has been purchased by the original owner is covered under a lifetime warranty.

You break it, send it in and we will fix it.

Do We Offer Discounts Or Run Sales?

No! We do not offer any discounts or sales to anyone other than our Patriot Coalition Team. Reason being is that we do not believe in sales tactics or enticing people to buy our gear just because you receive a discount, or something is on sale. Our prices already are the best we possibly can offer, so you can receive the best deal 365 days out of the year.

Who Are We?

Who Are We?

American Made No Outsourcing
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