Hunting Saddle With Bow On A Tree

How Saddle Hunting works

We breakdown how saddle hunting works

Alright, fellow hunters, gather round because we're about to dive deep into one of the most revolutionary techniques in the world of whitetail deer hunting: Saddle Hunting. If you've ever felt restricted by traditional tree stands or ground blinds, saddle hunting is about to blow your mind and elevate your hunting game to a whole new level. So, grab your gear, buckle up, and let's explore how saddle hunting for whitetail deer works.

What is Saddle Hunting?

First things first, let's talk about what saddle hunting actually is. Unlike traditional tree stands that rely on bulky platforms and harnesses, saddle hunting involves using a lightweight saddle attached to a tree via a lineman's rope and a tether. This setup allows hunters to sit, stand, or even lean out from the tree, providing unparalleled mobility and stealth while hunting.

The Gear: Essential Components

To get started with saddle hunting, you'll need a few key pieces of gear:

  1. Saddle: This is your primary piece of gear. Look for a comfortable, lightweight saddle designed specifically for hunting. Options abound, so take the time to find one that fits your body and hunting style perfectly. We recommend the BullThreat V.1 Saddle as its sourced from American Materials and sewn in America.

  2. Lineman's Rope: This is your lifeline to the tree. The lineman's rope is used to secure yourself to the tree while setting up your hunting position. Make sure it's sturdy and adjustable to accommodate different tree sizes. You will use this tool for ascending and descending trees.

  3. Tether: The tether is what keeps you securely attached to the tree while hunting. It's attaches to the saddles bridge and provides freedom of movement while maintaining safety in your chosen tree.

  4. Platform: You'll need a stable platform for your feet while in the hunting saddle up in the tree. It adds an extra layer of comfort and security, especially during longer hunts.

  5. Climbing Sticks: In order to get up the tree safely, you'll want to invest into quality climbing sticks. Climbing sticks work by you attaching them to the tree. They are designed to dig into the tree and will hold with the buckling system that comes with them. Essentially, they are a compact light-weight ladder to get up into any tree.

How Saddle Hunting Works

Now that you've got your gear sorted, let's talk about how saddle hunting actually works in the field:

  1. Choosing the Right Tree: Unlike traditional tree stands and climbers that require straight, limb-free trees, saddle hunting opens up a world of possibilities. Look for trees with ample cover and strategic vantage points, allowing you to blend into your surroundings and capitalize on deer movement. You can literally hunt out of any tree you want to.

  2. Setting Up: Once you've found your tree, it's time to set up your saddle. Use your lineman's rope to ascend the tree safely, securing yourself as you go. Once at your desired height, attach your platform so you have a stable platform to stand on. Once you are on the platform, attach the tether to the tree and clip into your bridge. Adjust your saddle for maximum comfort and stability.

  3. Hunting: With your saddle set up, it's game time. Whether you're sitting, standing, or leaning out from the tree, saddle hunting gives you unmatched versatility and stealth while hunting. Stay patient, stay vigilant, and be ready to capitalize on any deer that come into range.

  4. Pack Light, Stay Mobile: One of the biggest advantages of saddle hunting is its portability. Unlike traditional tree stands that require heavy platforms made out of aluminum along with your climbing sticks, saddle hunting allows you to pack light and move quickly between hunting spots. This agility is a game-changer, especially when hunting in remote or hard-to-reach areas.

Benefits of Saddle Hunting

So why bother with saddle hunting in the first place? Here are just a few of the many benefits:

  • Versatility: Saddle hunting allows you to hunt from virtually any tree, opening up a world of possibilities for strategic positioning and stealth.
  • Mobility: With saddle hunting, you're not tied down to a single spot. Move with the deer, adapt to changing conditions, and increase your chances of success.
  • Stealth: The minimalist nature of saddle hunting makes it ideal for staying hidden and undetected by wary whitetail deer.
  • Comfort: Say goodbye to uncomfortable tree stands and hello to hours of comfortable hunting in your saddle.


In conclusion, saddle hunting is a game-changer for whitetail deer hunters everywhere. With its unmatched versatility, mobility, and stealth, saddle hunting opens up a world of possibilities for hunters looking to elevate their game. So, grab your gear, hit the woods, and experience the thrill of saddle hunting for yourself. Trust me, once you go saddle, you'll never look back.

Happy hunting!