About Us

As I grew up here in central Ohio, I found at a very young age that I was an outdoorsman. Always fishing and hunting, I discovered what I truly loved.

Back in 2020 when money was tight and the world was seemingly caving in, I was ecstatic to go hunt Ohio's opening archery day. That morning when I went to go and sit up in my tree stand all excited and jolly, I stumbled across the tree that I set everything up a week previous to this major day. 

Everything was gone. My safety line, my tree stand, and my tree tether. All gone. As my heart sunk, I went back home completely defeated and angry. Thieves took my passion and joy right from underneath of me. With the no money I had, I knew I wasn't going to be able to hunt from a tree anytime soon. 

From that day forward, I made a promise to myself that I will never allow that to ever happen again. Then right around 2021 I discovered hunting saddles. 

I fell in love with hunting saddles. I still remember the very first day of going to go pickup my first ever saddle from my local outfitters. I opened that sucker up and realized " I can build these! " Thats exactly what I have done.

For the year of 2021 - 2022 hunting season, I sat in other competitors saddles and made notes on what I could improve and add on to help me with my style of hunting. 

I jumped headfirst into building saddles, making my first prototype after 4 months of pure dedication. Sewing everyday sometimes 12+ hours a day on my off days. I was determined to make what i wanted as a hunter. That is where the BullThreat V.1 was born.

As we progress today, I now have a team building the best quality saddles that i know of. I'm proud, and even more proud everything we sell is sewn here in America. Literally everything. 

Thats a little bit about us and how I started BullPath.