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Saddle Hunting 101

BullPath's Intro To Saddle Hunting Like an Apex Predator.

Are you ready to ditch the tree stands and truly become mobile in the deer woods? Saddle hunting might just be the adventure you've been seeking. It's a technique that offers amazing versatility and stealth in the wilderness. But like any new endeavor, it requires preparation, practice, and patience. In this guide, we'll take you through the essential steps to get started with saddle hunting, from acquiring the necessary gear to mastering your setup and shooting skills.

How to Get Started in Saddle Hunting

Saddle Hunting Upside Down

The first step on your saddle hunting journey is acquiring the right gear. Here is a quick list of what you'll need down below.

At the heart of your setup lies the BullThreat V.1 hunting saddle, a crucial component that provides comfort and stability while hunting. A hunting saddle is your main piece of gear that allows you to sit up in the tree comfortably.  Paired with the essential accessories like a platform, climbing sticks, the BullPath Lineman Rope, BullPath Tree Tether, and two S.A.M pouches for rope management, this saddle forms the foundation of your elevated hunting experience.

After your hunting saddle, you'll need to get a saddle hunting platform to stand on up in the tree and a set of climbing sticks to climb the tree. The platform is what you'll be standing or resting your legs on while in the hunting saddle. In order to actually get up and down the tree, you'll need a set of climbing sticks that attach to the tree.

After the sticks and platform, you'll need to get a lineman's rope and a tree tether. A lineman's rope is what keeps you safe and connected to the tree while going up and down your preferred tree you choose to hunt out of. How it works is, you attach one end of your lineman's rope to your attachment point on the saddle, throw the rope around the tree, and connect the other side of the rope to the other attachment point side on your saddle. It allows you to be connected and close to the tree at all times while ascending and descending.

A tree tether is the rope that you connect to when you are at your hunting height. After you have climbed to your preferred hunting height, you set up your hunting platform and stand up on it. After that, you connect your tree tether by wrapping it around the tree and connecting the saddle hunting bridge on your saddle to the carabiner that is on the tree tether. The rest is history, sit down into your saddle and enjoy.

For more information about the gear that was listed, click here.

Last but not least you'll need to invest in a rope management system to keep your lineman rope and tree tether on you.

While saddle hunting, majority of people will run two dump pouches to carry both ropes. Typically, everyone will run a pouch on the left hip and right hip. To keep things simple, the lineman rope will go on the left hip because lineman starts with the letter L. The tree tether will go on the right hip.

Making sure you have a quality stiff pouch will make sure you do not get frustrated when trying to stow or retrieve your ropes up in a tree. This is exactly why we created the S.A.M (Stiff and Mighty) pouch, so when you do stow your rope, the upper top lips dont fold in on itself easily.

Investing in quality gear is paramount for safety and effectiveness. Make sure that you undergo regular inspection of your gear for wear and tear after each use. Preferably buy American made to make sure you are getting top notch materials in all your gear. BullPath does just that. Safety should always be the top priority when getting into saddle hunting.

Practicing at the Ground Level

a man acsending a tree with the bullthreat hunting saddle

Before venturing up into the tree, it's important to familiarize yourself with your gear and techniques at ground level. Start by setting up your hunting platform at the ground level and get set up, simulating the conditions you'll encounter while hunting. Practice ascending and descending using climbing sticks and your lineman rope, gradually building confidence in your ability to navigate the tree safely. Just like any skill you want to learn in life, you actually have to put in the work to acquire the skill of saddle hunting. Being up in a tree suspended in the air is a matter between life and death. Always practice on the ground first, never jump right into it.

Take the time to test new equipment and refine your skills before attempting to hunt from the saddle. Practicing at ground level allows you to troubleshoot any issues and build muscle memory, laying a solid foundation for your elevated hunts. Remember, proficiency at the bottom of the tree translates to success in the deer woods.

Practicing Your Setup

Hunting Saddle Connected To Tree

Once you've honed your skills at ground level, it's time to take your practice to new heights. Spend ample time ascending and descending the tree, focusing on efficiency and safety with each maneuver. Familiarize yourself with every aspect of your setup, from securing the saddle to adjusting your shooting position.

Repetition is key to mastery in saddle hunting. Practice setting up your gear and shooting from various angles, mimicking real-world hunting scenarios. Experiment with different positions and shooting techniques to find what works best for you. The more comfortable and confident you become in your saddle, the more effective you'll be in the field.

Your first step is to invest in quality American made gear such as the gear in this article. Not only are you buying your safety, but you are also getting killer warranties.

Saddle hunting offers a premium alternative to traditional hunting methods, allowing for better mobility and concealment in the wilderness. By following these steps to get started, you'll be well on your way to mastering this exciting skillset you can have in your arsenal. Remember to prioritize safety at all times and invest in quality gear to ensure a successful and enjoyable hunting experience. So, gear up, practice diligently, and prepare for elevated success in the hunt!

Drew Eyink

Owner and Founder of BullPath

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